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Problem connecting to the bttnconf network

Hey guys,

Trying to set up my new buttons.  The blue light lights up as it should, but no bttnconf network shows up (checked on several devices).

Tries to turn the power switch hidden in the button on/off, but still nothing.

I have 4 buttons, and this problem only occurs on the two buttons that has the sim card function, not the pure WiFi ones.

Any suggestions?

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the Wi-Fi models have the bttnconf mode, and mobile data models have a bit different setup process, including setting the operator's APN by sending it through

Please see the user manual for the complete process:

Best regards,

Tuukka Autio / bttn


I have a mobile data model with firmware: 20150602. Unfortunately I had to replace the simcard with a new one. I have all settings/scenarios  checked, however the button doesn't work anymore! In addition I cannot find any information on the current firmware!! 

Please help?

PCees4u/The Netherlands

Hi PCees4u,

20150602 firmware accepts operator APN settings to be sent via or your phone. Please see user manual for that version here:

Pages 7 & 8 describe the APN setup and troubleshooting guide.

This version stores the APN settings on the SIM card's phone book, which limits the maximum length of the APN string to 12...20 characters depending on SIM manufacturer.

-Tuukka / bttn

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