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Make bttn sleep settings configurable

I've been informed that when the bttn is running on batteries, it immediately goes to sleep after an action is triggered and completed (either success or fail). This proposes an issue since the bttn takes quite awhile to fire an action from sleep since it must wake up and find the WIFI first when pushed. This is ok with the first push, but this makes it near impossible to perform successive pushes with the bttn in a reasonable amount of time.

I would request that the bttn stays awake for X seconds after it is pushed, where X is a configurable number. In this manner, users would be able to keep the bttn awake between pushes in accordance with the expected behavior of users interacting with their particular bttn.

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this solutions comes quite late; we are planning to add the user configurable power saving modes to the bttn. In the meanwhile, one can do this to prevent the power saving from kicking in (depending on the firmware of your bttn):

1) Turn the main switch off

2) Insert both USB power and 4 x alkaline batteries

3) Turn the main switch on and let the device start

4) Remove one of the batteries that is on top of the USB plug

5) Unplug the USB wire from the device

6) Put the one battery back in

-> You now have a bttn that runs on batteries but behaves like it was using USB power - i.e. it won't go into power saving mode. Please note that this consumes batteries a lot faster. The constantly lit power LED in the logo indicates that the bttn is not in power saving mode.

This is helpful, thanks. How long do you expect it will last on batteries like this?

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