How to check firmware version:

If you have registered your bttn, you can check the firmware version at

- Click 'Properties' icon next to your bttn.

- Scroll down to section 'Firmware' and look for the version number, e.g. "201506xx" = June 2015.

OTA Updates:

Single-radio bttns (mobile data or Wi-Fi) can get firmware updates. These will be announced in the bttn newsletter and in the notifications section at 

- The updates work Over the Air, i.e. your bttn can download and install the update by itself. Updates will be opt-in, i.e. you must first accept the update.

- Any available updates will show up in the Firmware section under your bttn's properties, with a link "Proceed to OTA update". Follow the on-screen instructions. 

Please note that early bttn devices with two radios (combined model with mobile data and Wi-Fi, sold in 2014 and shipped until February 2015) cannot be updated.