Do you need an external GUI for displaying bttn presses? Do you wish to show bttn presses on a map? has great graphs under the statistics page, but if you wish to get more reports or to show data on a 3rd party website, you can utilize the power of the free Google Analytics!

It's simple. You just need these:

1) An account for Google Analytics

2) A tracking ID for Google Analytics

Configure your bttns or bttn group to do the following action to utilize GA's "Measurement Protocol":

1) Action type = HTTP

2) Method = POST

3) URL =

4) Arguments in url-encoded format:



tid=[your tracking id, e.g. UA-12345678-1]

cid=[arbitrary user ID for the "visit". You can use a static number or bttn tag <ID> to distinct which bttn it was]


Optional arguments*:

dp=/page [tells GA what the "visited" page URL is]

geoid=[tells GA where the visit comes from. You can also utilize bttn tag <LOCATION>**]

5) Save your HTTP action!

Then sign in at and open the real-time analytics. Press your bttn to see a real-time "visitor". 

All done! 

* You can even add geographic location or campaign id and many other properties to your bttn presses.
See the whole API reference:

** See how to code the location