Want to alert somebody, but the beep of an incoming text message is not loud enough? Or maybe get a voice notification of some event?

Update: Zapier also has an integration with Twilio voice calls. Making such Zap requires having your own Twilio account.

With the help of Fortytwo.com, you can now make a voice call with a pre-defined text-to-speech function.

Here's how:

First, go to fortytwo.com and open an account. This will be a free trial account, giving you 1 € free balance and the ability to call your own number.

- to be able to call virtually any number, you can upgrade to a paid account and add funds (50 € minimum).

After signing up, take note of your Fortytwo.com API token.

Next, proceed to configure your bttn action at my.bt.tn:

1 – Sign in at my.bt.tn

2 – Select a bttn and click ‘Action’

3 – Select HTTP action and execute when bttn is pressed 

4 – Enter URL


5 - Select http method POST

6 - Select argument format application/json and copy-paste the following content to the arguments text field







    "voice_content": {




        "tts_text":"Your text goes here"

} }

7 – Edit the red parts to suit your needs. Keep the double-quotes:

  • “number” => who will be called, in international format, without the +
  • “sender_id” => put in the number that the receiver sees as the caller, in international format without the +. The sender id might not work in all countries.
  • “tts_lang” => spoken language, options are
    • da-DK (Danish)
    • nl-NL (Dutch)
    • en-AU (English Australian) 
    • o en-GB (English – British)
    • en-US (English – USA)
    • fr-FR (French)
    • fr-CA (French – Canadian) 
    • de-DE (German)
    • it-IT (Italian)
    • pl-PL (Polish)
    • pt-PT (Portuguese)
    • ru-RU (Russian)
    • es-ES (Spanish)
    • es-US (Spanish – USA)
    • sv-SE (Swedish)
  • “tts_voice” => voice of man or woman
  • “tts_text” => your text to speech string goes here. Minimum length 10 characters and maximum length 500.

8 – add HTTP Headers:

Authorization: Token XXXXXXXXXXX

Where Token XXXX is your Fortytwo.com API token

9 – Save your action as a template named voice call etc.

That’s it! Now press your bttn and Fortytwo.com will call the number!