When using bt.tn's regular email action, our server sends the emails using our standard template and noreply@bt.tn address. This lets the recipient know where the message comes from and makes sure that if someone uses our service to send unwanted emails that are in violation of our acceptable use policy, we can get a report and stop such activity.

In some cases there however might be a need to send email using your own account, so that the email comes from another address and does not have the bt.tn information.

There are several ways you can configure your bttn to send email using your own account:

1) Utilize Zapier + email or IFTTT + email automation

2) Use the (free) Sendgrid.com service to send emails.

Option 1: Zapier or IFTTT:

These are 3rd party internet automation services that take a bttn press as a trigger and offer email sending as the output. Go to either Zapier.com or IFTTT.com and create an account. Then select bttn as a trigger and connect the service with your my.bt.tn account.

Option 2: Sengrid.com

Sendgrid.com is one of the largest email API providers, and they have a simple web API that you can use to send a plaintext email.

1) Crete a free account (allows up to 12 000 emails per month)

2) Generate yourself an API key that allows sending email (other permissions can be left out)

- after signing in you can create it here: https://app.sendgrid.com/settings/api_keys

3) Set your bttn to send the following action:

Action type: HTTP, execute when pressed

Method: POST

URL: https://api.sendgrid.com/v3/mail/send

Argument format: application/json

Argument data: {"personalizations": [{"to": [{"email": "recipient.address@example.com"}]}],"from": {"email": "sender.address@example.com"},"subject": "Hello, World!","content": [{"type": "text/plain", "value": "Message text goes here"}]}

Add custom headers: Yes

Custom headers content:  Authorization: Bearer YOUR-API-KEY-GOES-HERE

Then just save the action and your bttn will send email using your own sendgrid.com account!

Best regards,

Tuukka Autio / bttn