This article explains the bttn group management feature in and how to use it.

What is it?

Group management, as the name implies, allows you to divide your bttns into groups and to configure an action for the whole group at one time. 

You can create as many groups as you like, for example based on the intended use, install location, connectivity etc.


Makes action setup a breeze: Setting the action for a group is a lot faster than setting up hundreds of individual bttns.

Keeps things organized: Especially when you have several groups, it is easier to find the device that you are looking for.

Utilizes the power of action templates and tags: Configuring a group with an action template that makes use of dynamic tags = instant magic.

How to use it?

Creating groups is super easy in

- Once signed in, just click “Manage groups”.

- Click “Add new group". This instantly generates a new group.

- The click on your new group to expand it. You can now rename the group and add bttns in your account to the group.

-- Please note that a bttn can currently belong only to one group at a time.

Assigning actions to a group:

- Go to front page, where you see a list of your groups and bttns.

- Click on the action icon next to your group and define the action just as you would with a single bttn.

-- Beware - setting the group action overwrites any existing actions that the bttns inside that group currently have.

- Tip - make use of tags such as bttn name, location or email address in your action to get the most out of the group management.


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