This article explains the heartbeat feature in my and how to use it


What it is

You have a fantastic on-demand business going on with a fleet of smart bttns. Most of them are pressed daily, but some are rarely used and you may suspect if the SIM cards or batteries are still good? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to automatically see that everything is ok?


Well there is. Heartbeat is a unique monitoring feature that makes your bttns send periodic “I’m alive” type of status messages to server. The status messages include battery and signal level information, and most importantly, allow you to detect if one or more of your bttns loses connectivity or otherwise needs attention.



Email alerts: server will automatically alert you of missing heartbeat, low battery or poor signal.

Simple and effective monitoring: You’ll know that your bttnized business is up and running.

Minimize downtime: Detecting any issues fast allows quick reaction.

Change batteries or install location when needed: You can plan battery changes / recharges early on.


How to use it:

You can enable heartbeat for a bttn under bttn properties:

- sign in at

- click ‘view properties’ next to a bttn.

- scroll down to ‘advanced properties’ to locate the heartbeat setting.

- click ‘edit’ to choose your desired heartbeat interval. 24 hours is recommended.

- save your setting.

- press or reboot your bttn for the new setting to take effect.


Please note that the heartbeat email alerts will be sent both to your account’s email address and to the email address specified for the bttn (under bttn properties).



If you later wish to disable the heartbeat setting, please visit the bttn properties again and set heartbeat to ‘disabled’. Then just press or reboot the bttn.


If you have a large number of devices and would like to mass activate heartbeat, please write us at and we can set it up for you.

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