What it is

Your bttnized business is running smoothly. But to optimize the use of your bttn fleet, you might want to see more specifically how they are being used? 

The my.bt.tn interface provides a powerful tool for such needs: The Statistics view.

The main view in ‘Statistics’ section gives you an overview of all time events. You get key performance indicators (KPI) such as total press count, % of active devices, average number of presses per day etc. Graphs show visually how your bttnized business fares.

- Under detailed view, you can pick a date range you wish to inspect. You can also define a monetary value for your presses and long presses to instantly calculate how much money you are making or saving with the bttns.

- For even more detail, there is a tab named 'bttns' under statistics that shows any data about any bttn. You can add or remove columns, and sort based on column values, to create your custom report.

- Administrative statistics show the bttns with lowest battery and signal levels, allowing you to plan ahead for battery change / recharging, or for considering changing the install location for getting a better signal.


Identify trends: See how different bttns or use cases are performing and compare to past.

Optimize your business: Learn which use cases / locations work best and focus your efforts on those.

Get complete visibility: Make custom reports with the data that’s important to you.

Estimate how much money you make or save: Add a monetary value for each press.

How to use it:

You can access the statistics section easily at my.bt.tn.

- Sign in at my.bt.tn.

- Click ‘Statistics’

- The statistics page opens with all time data.

- To see a certain time range, select ‘detailed’ tab.

- To add a monetary value for your bttn presses, click ‘add custom KPI’

- To see a table with all devices, select ‘bttns’.