Edited 8th of Nov. 2016. This notification applies to Classic bttns shipped between September and November 2016. Please see attached image on how to identify if your bttn has a problematic battery connector. If your bttn has a problematic battery connector, please contact support@bt.tn for a replacement part.

We have recently been informed of an alkaline AA battery related incident involving one of our Classic bttn devices.

An ‘Energizer’ brand battery, with a damaged outer coating, heated up and leaked for a short period of time after insertion.

After hearing about the incident we proceeded to perform tests in order to replicate the incident.

The tests showed that under certain conditions it is possible that with Energizer brand alkaline batteries (not Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries), the Classic bttn’s battery springs that connect the batteries, can cause a short circuit in a battery.

The possibility to make a short circuit requires special conditions. A) The battery must have a damaged outer coating, B) the outer coating is providing the insulation, and C) bttn’s battery contact sheet may connect both poles and cause short circuit in the battery.

Classic bttns that are affected have been shipped between September and 4th of November 2016. Please see below image to identify if you have a problematic battery connector. The issue is related to our previous nofication (link) and a later tooling change made in September.

Measures to modify the problematic part were taken immediately, and all bttns shipped after November 4 2016 have a version with which such incident will not be possible.

We instruct our all users that no batteries with broken or damaged outer coating must be used in our Classic bttn products. We also recommend using Duracell alkaline batteries such as Duracell Ultra Power in our products until this possibility of short circuit has been duly eliminated. The Duracell battery construction isolates the positive and negative poles even if the battery’s coating has been damaged.

Any users willing to exchange the problematic battery contact sheet are advised to contact The Button Corporation at support@bt.tn, stating their order number, and we are happy to send a fixed battery contact sheet along with simple replacing instructions.

On behalf of The Button Corporation and our whole tech team I'm very sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused to You.

Yours sincerely 

Jari Leminen

CTO & CO-Founder

The Button Corporation Ltd.