I have a business and I would like to use bttn for...

- re-orders

- callback requests

- pickup orders

- customer feedback / surveys

- tech support / maintenance / janitor calls

- room service calls

- process notifications

- other similar interaction with my customers or my staff

Is it simple to use the bttn for this kind of things?

The answer is yes. We sell the bttn with an all-inclusive package for businesses. You get the devices, connectivity and the bt.tn cloud service with one price. The business packages are available at https://shop.bt.tn

You can set up the bttn action at my.bt.tn service, using your browser. Setting up typical actions (sending SMS or email, sending Slack messages or making server to server integrations with HTTP) take just a few mouse clicks and you are all set.

Our tech support is also always ready to help you with any questions, and we have plenty of examples available in our knowledge base. Please feel free to contact us anytime at support@bt.tn or by leaving a support ticket.