bttn is an IoT button - an internet-connected push button that can trigger actions in the cloud.

bttns uniquely connect to the internet autonomously via cellular data or Sigfox IoT network. This means that you can use them for both business and private use - just insert batteries or plug in USB power adapter and bttn works out of the box! No pairing with bluetooth, apps or other hassle. Wi-Fi connectivity is also available as an option.

Your bttn actions can be easily configured via the easy-to-use browser-based management site. The actions are executed by our cloud server. The server comes with powerful and secure integration tools so you can connect your bttn devices with virtually any other online service, including your CRM, ERP, e-commerce or POS systems. We have also made available official integrations with Microsoft Flow, Zapier and IFTTT, so you have access to thousands of services with just a few mouse clicks.

bttn solution is US patented and EU patent pending. Hundreds of businesses around the world are already using the bttn to turn their business on-demand: Taxis, professional services, facility management, maintenance and tech support. Are you next?