Well, this Youtube video explains it best: https://youtu.be/V4z4aa3E8Ko

You can have a website open on a tablet or a PC screen, and whenever a bttn is pressed, the video starts playing from desired start position.

With some simple jQuery script we poll the bt.tn API and check if bttn's press counter has increased. If it has, we tell the embedded Youtube video to start playback.

A sample webpage is included as attachment. Credits for the simple iFrame control go to https://codepen.io/martinwolf/pen/dyLAC

How to test with your own bttn:

1) publish your bttn's counter API endpoint at my.bt.tn, under bttn properties

2) open the attached html file on your browser, or see it live here

3) change the bttn short ID in the text field to reflect your bttn's short ID or device id
4) change the video ID to reflect your Youtube video's ID
(example: if your regular Youtube link is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSGT44hU4uc -> Your video ID is TSGT44hU4uc)

5) click the 'refresh' button next to the textfield

Tip: your bttn can be set to perform an action when pressed, as the press counter will update regardless of the action. Alternatively, you can set it to use the "counter" action (does nothing but increments the counter).

Tip2: You can enter bttn id and video id also as url parameters as follows. This allows you to link directly to the correct video and bttn:


You can edit the attached HTML file to use your bttn ID by default.