First thing to do is go to to create a user account and to register the device for yourself. is the management site that allows you to configure and monitor your bttn device.

Depending on your bttn, you can register it using either

A) a 4-part "CODE" on the device bottom ("Code on sticker"), or

B) an authentication code that we emailed to you ("Code in email").

A) Code on sticker (bttns shipped February 2016 or later)

If the bottom of your bttn says "CODE" and there is a 4-part code like '1234-1234-1234-1234', then this is your method.

1. Go to and select "code on sticker".

2. Fill in the form as instructed.

B) Code in email (old method, used before February 2016)

If the bottom of your bttn says just "ID" then this is your method.

1. We have emailed you an authentication code and instructions on how to register your bttn.

- If you haven't received email from us, please contact us by adding a support ticket.

- If you have received the bttn as a gift, please ask the code from the person who gave the bttn to you.

2. Go to and select "Code in email". Register your bttn following the instructions in the email.

3. Sign in at and click "How to operate your bttn" for a step-by-step guide on adding power and internet connection for your bttn.

4. Create your first bttn action using the action tool at!

Further help:

- To download user manual, please click here.

- For troubleshooting, see solutions to most common problems in our FAQ section.