The default wireless encryption used by bttn is WPA/WPA2.

To connect your bttn to a WEP encrypted Wi-Fi, do the following:

1. Convert natural language password into hex (skip this step if your password is already in hexadecimal): 

- Convert natural language password into hexadecimal notation (use e.g.

- If there are spaces between the hex numbers, remove them and then copy the whole hex password to clipboard.

E.g. password "abcdefghijklm" would be "6162636465666768696a6b6c6d"

2. Start the bttn's Wi-Fi access point (by holding it pressed when inserting power, until blue LEDs turn on)

3. Use your phone or PC to join the Wi-Fi network named "bttnconf"

4. Use browser to go to address (notice: no /bttn at the end!)

5. You should see a form titled "SPWF01 First Config"

6. Fill in the form as follows: 

- Insert miniAP PassKey: anonymous

- Insert the SSID: your network SSID, currently spaces or special characters may not work

- Insert the PSK: your network password (in hex, see step 1)

- Insert Static IP Address: [leave this blank]

- Insert Static NetMask: [leave this blank]

- Insert Static GW Address: [leave this blank]

- Insert Static DNS Address: [leave this blank]

- Turn on/off DNS/DHCP: ON

- Choose Auth Type: Open System (or Shared key depending on your Wi-Fi settings)

- Choose Auth: Wep

- Choose Mode: Station

Click "GO!" and then "Ok" when an alert box shows. 

7. Then wait a few seconds until red LED ring appears on your bttn.

8. Power cycle bttn (remove and re-insert batteries or micro-USB power adapter).

Your bttn should now connect to your WEP encrypted network. You can also check from your router settings, if you see a new device in your network.