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Here's how to connect your own Twilio account with

Update: Please note that Twilio has recently changed the layout of their management console, so the links may not be accurate anymore, but the idea is still the same. You'll need a Twilio account, an SMS capable Twilio phone number and some funds on your account. Then you just add your Twilio keys to

Each bttn owner has a quota of 14 free SMS messages courtesy of bttn. To get more SMS messages, you can buy them directly from our SMS gateway provider Twilio ( Please read these instructions carefully before you proceed. 

Please note that any agreement on phone numbers and SMS messages is made between you and Twilio, and Twilio's service is provided under Twilio's terms and conditions.

How it works? service is already configured to use Twilio for sending SMS messages. 

You just need to open your own Twilio account and phone number, add funds to it, and then connect that account with your account. will take care of everything else.

Check these before you begin:

- Make sure that Twilio offers SMS capable phone numbers in your country: See Twilio's List of countries (scroll down to table "SMS Enabled Phone Numbers").

- If you need to send SMS messages to other countries, also check that Twilio offers global SMS capable numbers in your country.

- See Twilio's SMS pricing. Usually you pay $1 per month for the phone number and then some cents per sent message. Prices may vary by country and price to send an SMS may vary based on the carrier to which the SMS is being sent.

STEP 1: Opening Twilio account and number

- Note that the first trial phone number Twilio offers you usually does not have SMS capability, so don't buy that one.

1) Go to

2) Click 'Sign up'

3) Enter your details and click 'Get Started'

4) Enter your own phone number to verify you are a human. Then enter the code they sent you.

5) On page "Your first twilio phone number" click "Get started"

6) On page "Take your programmable number for a test drive" just click "Go to your accont"

7) Click "Configure your number" and scroll down to "Messaging"

- If it says "Messaging is unavailable for this phone number.", you can release the current number by clicking "Release number".

8) In the top menu, click your user name and choose "Upgrade your account". Fill in the form and add funds using a credit card or PayPal. $ 20 is the minimum.

Points 9 - 11 are needed only if the first number Twilio offered you had no SMS capability:

9) After your account is upgraded, click "Numbers" and "Buy a number" at the top menu

10) In the number search form check SMS capability and click "Search"

11) Pick any number you like and buy it - this will be the number where your bttn SMS messages come from.

Checklist for step 1:

- You have a Twilio account upgraded from trial to paid, and you have added funds.

- You have a Twilio phone number with at least local SMS capability.

- You have Twilio AccountSID and AuthToken.

STEP 2: Connecting Twilio account with your account

1) Copy and paste your Twilio AccountSID and AuthToken e.g. on a text editor.

2) Return to and sign in if you haven't.

3) At top of page, click on your user name and then click "Account settings" from the pull down box.

4) Scroll down to "External Accounts", and from the dropdown menu below it, choose "Twilio SMS" and click "Connect".

5) On "Connect Twilio Account" form, enter your AccountSID and AuthToken and click "Next".

6) On "Select Twilio Numbers" form, check your Twilio number and click "Connect".

7) will show a page titled "Connected".

That's it! Step 2 is now complete and you can create an SMS sending action for your bttn. Close the popup page and proceed to define an action sending SMS to yourself. Test it by pressing your bttn - a message should now come from your Twilio number.

Optional - STEP 3: Enable SMS response

1) On, click on your user name at the top of the page.

2) From the drop-down box click account settings

3) Scroll down to "External accounts" and click the edit icon next to "Twilio sms"

4) In the popup, click "Connect"

5) Copy the URL in the gray box to clipboard (the one that looks like https:// ... : ...

6) Go to and log in.

7) Click Numbers in the top menu.

8) Click on your phone number

9) You should see a page that has input field for Request URL - paste your URL there and choose HTTP POST action.

10) Click 'Save' - and you're all done!