Your bttn is compatible with IFTTT (If This Then That,, meaning that you can control virtually any internet connected device or service.

Follow these steps to create your first IFTTT recipe:

STEP 1: Prepare your bttn for IFTTT

1. Sign in at and click "Action" next to your bttn.

2. In the Action Tool, pick "IFTTT" from 3rd party services.

3. Click "Next", "Next", "Next" until you see "All Done!" screen.

4. Click "Save".

STEP 2: Configure to listen to your bttn.

5. A green text at the top of the page asks you to go to to proceed. Go there.

6. If you don't have an IFTTT account you can now create one.

7. Ifttt shows you a grayed out bttn on page "Bttn channel" - click "Activate"

8. Your browser will open and ask you to Authorize ifttt to use your bttn. Click "Authorize".

STEP 3: Create a recipe sending email to yourself at

9. At, under "My Recipes, click "Create a Recipe"

10. Click "This", then search and select "bttn".

11. For "Choose a Trigger", click "Press bttn"

12. For "Complete Trigger Fields", pick the bttn you want to use for this recipe (makes sense if you have more than one bttn)

13. Click "Create Trigger"

14. Click "That"

15. Search and select "email"

16. Click "Send me an email"

17. Complete your recipe by clicking "Create Action" and then "Create Recipe" 

STEP 4: Try your new action - press your bttn! You should receive an email to your ifttt account address.

Now you are ready to start creating your own recipes at IFTTT! Be sure to publish them at for everybody to enjoy!