Dear visitor -- this support article contains information only in the context of using a SIM card inside a bttn device ( ). 

** If you need instructions for your personal mobile phone / smart phone, please refer to your phone's user manual. **

bttns bought at come with SIM cards that are ready to use. This article refers to situations where user wants to use a 3rd party SIM card in a mobile data bttn.

If your own SIM card asks for a PIN code, your bttn is not able to use it and will therefore not be able to connect to a cellular network.

To disable the PIN query, you need a phone or other device that can change SIM settings.

Do the following (please see your phone's user manual for further details):

1. Insert the SIM card to a phone that uses micro-SIM (e.g. iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, Nokia Lumia devices, or e.g. cellular versions of iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3rd gen and iPad 4th gen. )

2. On your phone, go to Settings, choose "Phone" (on Apple devices) or “Security” (on Android devices) and then "SIM PIN" or “Set up SIM card

lock”. Set the SIM PIN slider or “Lock SIM card” to OFF.

2b. On Windows Phone, SIM PIN query can be found under “Phone”. Tap “…” for more options and then choose “settings”.