Case 1: If your Wi-Fi bttn enters AP mode (blue lights appear), but then automatically reboots, your batteries may be empty. Please replace batteries or use a USB charger.

Case 2: If your Wi-Fi bttn does not seem to start in Access Point (AP) mode at all, i.e. blue LED ring does not show up when attempting the Wi-Fi setup, please try the following:

1) While not pressing the bttn, insert USB power or batteries. A red LED should light up in the logo, and in 5-15 seconds one flashing yellow should appear.

2) Use a pointy object like a screwdriver or home keys to set bttn's main switch to OFF. The switch is located at the bottom of the bttn and is visible through a hole. See photo below.

3) Wait 10 seconds, then press the bttn and hold. While holding the bttn pressed, set the main switch back to ON.

Wait 15-30 seconds. Blue LED ring should now appear and bttnconf Wi-Fi starts broadcasting.

Turning the bttn off for 10 seconds using the switch allows the capacitors to empty completely, and eliminate any instability in the power supply.