With Pushbullet you can send instant push notifications to any phone, laptop and desktop PC running their app.

Setup is really simple:

1. Get Pushbullet for your devices (www.pushbullet.com) and create a Pushbullet account

2. Sign in at my.bt.tn and create a new action, selecting Pushbullet (beta) from 3rd party connections.

3. Enter your Pushbullet access token (get it from pushbullet.com under "settings")

4. Select target for your pushes: your own devices, another user (email address) or a channel (subscribers of that channel)

5. Type in subject and message body and then save your action!

That's it, you can now send push notifications to all your devices!

Tip: The PushBullet notification also works as a trigger for the Android automation app named "Tasker"!