A small number of bttns shipped between late November and beginning of December 2015 have battery contact sheets that are too stiff. This makes inserting and removing batteries difficult. We have identified the problem and are no longer using the same metal part.

How to tell if your bttn has the issue? 

- If you received your bttn between November and December 2015 and it requires a lot of force to insert and remove batteries, your bttn is affected. 

- If it is easy to insert and remove batteries, your bttn is not affected.

Can I fix the metal sheet myself? Yes. If you find the issue problematic, you can do the following:

- Important! The metal part may be sharp. Wear protective gloves so you don't cut yourself in the process.

- Take note of the current position and direction of the battery contact sheet (see photo 1 below to identify the part).

- Use pliers to carefully remove the sheet by pulling it directly out. Be careful to not bend the part while removing it.

  o See photo 2 below for how to do it without damaging the plastic parts. 

- Then use pliers or another tool to press down the bends marked with red arrows in photo 1 below. Be careful not to bend the contacts sideways.

- Place the metal part back into bttn the same way it was.

All done ! Inserting and removing batteries should now be easy.

That's too difficult for me. Can I get a replacement battery contact sheet? Yes you can. Please create a support ticket and state your bttn order number, name, and complete shipping address. We'll then send you a new battery contact sheet.

Photo 1: Battery contact sheet and where to press it down

Photo 2: How to use pliers to get the sheet out. Tip: use a piece of wood or metal between the pliers and the plastic to not damage the bttn's plastic parts. Here we have used an Ikea hex head wrench.