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Action queue

Like many other here I have an issue with the fact that the button goes down into sleep mode between each push. It makes it practically impossible to use it the way I intended. My plan was to use the buttons as mobile exit poll buttons when people are leaving meetings. Using power adapter is also not possible in all situations since we might not have an outlet in reach. The option of setting it in adapter mode even when batteries is used might work.

HOWEVER  I have a much simpler solution to the problem. Why not just implement a "push queue" which would make the best of both worlds. When on battery let it go down in sleep mode after a few seconds and wake it up on the first push and and then just queue up all the "push's" and then execute the action one by one until the queue are empty. 

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thanks for the feedback! We have been asked to implement such internal counter feature and it is on the roadmap.

A short term replacement for USB adapter: A powerbank. With a high capacity powerbank you can operate the bttn for days; just remember to recharge, and e.g. unplug during nights / weekends.

Best regards,

Tuukka Autio / bttn


Thanks for the response and a power-bank is my plan :)  Although I still look forward to the queue because in the case of an exit poll situation ideally the button needs to handle more than 1 push every 2-3 second :)

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Is there any update on when a push queue might be implemented? You really shouldn't have to wait 2 - 3 seconds until the bttn can be pushed again.... you should basically be able to push it as quickly as you physically can push the bttn and it should log all those pushes. The push queue idea would also make sense if the bttn loses connectivity to wifi or cell service for some reason, so it keeps functioning and then as soon as you have connectivity again it uploads the data so it isn't lost - particularly useful in the voting/polling situation Johan described.

Hi Raphael,

There is news. I'll email you about the topic in a moment.

Best regards,

Tuukka / bttn

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