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Live poll with bttn

I want to set up a live poll using bttn - but is it possible?  when you push the  bttn you participate in the poll. The result is shown live on a screen next to the bttn.

I was thinking something like this:  However this system requires a mouse click - I cant convert that to a bttn feature. Can I?  The other solution would be to export bttn statistics, but thats not possible either, is it?

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to make a poll with the bttn, you can either...

Option A) Pull data -- Use REST API

Publish your bttn's press counter API endpoint ( -> click 'view settings' next to your bttn -> open REST API settings -> publish counter). 

Your bttns press count is now available as JSON or plain text for any dashboard app, or for making your own website that reads the counter value e.g. every 30 seconds.


, or Option B) Push data -- Set a bttn to send a HTTP request to a service that increases a counter every time you call a certain URL. 

- Tuukka / bttn

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