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How to register my w/o AuthC code?

Just got my first bttn. Connected the wifi. Registration wants the ID and Authentication code. I'm new, so you don't know my email yet, and I therefore do not have an authentication code, so I cannot register to give my email.

Chicken - meet egg. 

What do I need to do?


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usually the authentication code is generated and sent to customer automatically when the bttn ships out. 

If for some reason you haven't received your code, please create a support ticket and we'll send you a code as soon as possible.


Tuukka Autio / bttn

same here!!!


I have the same issue.  This message was a month ago - is there an answer?

(In general, the setup process is really annoying.  I've got this far (probably) but maybe not.  Not only do I not have an authorisation code (and why do I need it anyway, why not allow the first person entering the ID to own it?) I have a different set of flashing lights - the stripped down site has no documentation, how can I tell what this flashing light pattern means?  Googling all over, going back to Indiegogo, found a broken link which led to the main site, and finally found buried in the text of one FAQ a link to this site. "Where can I find user manual" points at the site where I started.  Fortunately there is another FAQ about the lights.  If you did nothing else, just adding a link to this support site from the site would be a huge step forward.)
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