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Send message if bttn is pressed in specific time


On the bttn action setup, we have two options, 

send message if bttn is 

  1. pressed
  2. not pressed
the not pressed part has option to set time to say "not pressed in between".

A similar option for "when pressed" would be great so that we can do more specific action configuration on bttn screen itself. 
The only way to make this happen right now is a custom code which detects when it was pressed. If I am using actions like email, sms, twitter or IFTTT, i just have no control over time based press action.

Putting such config option would be great.


thanks for the feature idea - a date/time control is being built to do the exact functionality you are requesting. We'll keep you updated on the progress!

Best regards,

Tuukka Autio / bttn

Thanks a lot

Any updates on this?

Rather, was there anything new added to bttn since this request? except for Pushbullet?


we currently have the capability and it's being used by B2B customers, but it's not at user interface yet.

We have many new features and improvements ready or almost ready, but it takes some time to get them to the UI for everybody to use - but we're getting there! 

In the meanwhile, please let me know what you'd like to do (time slots and corresponding actions) and I'll ask our dev team to enable such action for you. You can specify it here or email me at tuukka at


Tuukka / bttn

Thanks for the reply.

I was planning to setup the bttn at home for my mom and wife to use.

The idea was to detect which time of the day they pressed the bttn and accordingly notify if it was to indicate they are at home or if lunch is on table or something like that.

Just making it easy or my mom and wife to send me message when they are busy and have no time to type about daily actions at home.

I want to use either email or IFTTT for this.

Can you enable my account to setup email or IFTTT action for this? 


sorry to have kept you waiting; we haven't forgotten this. How many different time windows would you need?

We can make the first iteration for email and then add features later.

-Tuukka / bttn

I would ideally like to trigger IFTTT based on time.

But if thats a big effort, then email is fine for now.

May be what I can do is, setup ifttt channel to receive email instead of bttn triggering time based ifttt recipe.

So indirectly using email i can trigger ifttt.

I'd like a setup where if the button was not pressed within x time of when it was last pressed, then it would send an sms.

For example, press button whenever litterbox is cleaned, and if too long has passed since it was cleaned last, send an sms/tweet/whatever.


the UI does not currently support such dynamic actions, but with a little bit of coding you could do this:

1) publish your bttn's event feed (under bttn properties)

2) have your computer / server check the event feed every X hours or days

3) if last event is too far away, have your computer / server send email or another notification to you

For business customers we have the possibility to do custom scripts on the server side for all kinds of magical actions. Some of the features will be made available for consumers later on.

Best regards,

Tuukka / bttn

Hi Tuukka,

Just wondering if there are any firmware upgrades / new features for non business customers?

I see no major update on bttn since a long time.

Hi Pawan,

we're working on many new things, and hopefully we can soon announce updates.



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