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Two Actions for One Press?


I would like to use my bttn to record presses (to a Google doc via IFTTT) and to send an alert if it is not pressed in a certain timeframe. 

Right now, when I add a new action, it always replaces the previous action. Am I missing something?


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currently it's only one action at a time. We'll bring more flexibility in the future to enable such use cases.

However, if you'd like to build your own system in the meanwhile, you can set to launch the ifttt action and at the same time publish your bttn's event feed. Then set up your own server to read the feed and trigger your own action if the date of last event is past your time limit.

Read more at:

Tuukka Autio / bttn

+1 for adding the ability to have two (or more) functions via IFTTT with a single push bttn.

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