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Cannot connect to WLAN


connection to bttn firstset works fine in my new bttn with USB power. I just cannot make bttn connect to my WPA WLAN access point or Lumia 920. I tried

- miniAP passKey: both empty and anonymous

- SSID: both WLAN and Lumia SSID

- PSK: the relevant password (triple-checked)


- Auth type: Shared Key

- Auth: Wpa & Wpa2

- Mode: both station and Mini AP

The bttn keeps flashing yellow in search of network and occasionally red. My WLAN and Lumia Internet sharing work with a laptop.

What else is left to try?

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you forgot the /bttn from the configuration page's URL.

The correct address is

The page asks for SSID, encryption type and password. 

Best regards,

Tuukka Autio / bttn

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